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Well Baby

Well Baby Clinic

A well-baby examination involves measurements, vaccinations and an evaluation of your baby’s development. At Milestones we begin our examination with measurement of your baby’s length, weight and head circumference. We used Seca infantometer which is the gold standard for taking length of children, an accurate electronic weighing machine and a non-stretchable measuring tape for measuring the head size. After taking the measurements it will be plotted on the age and sex appropriate growth chart. These measurements have to be done regularly to see how your little one is growing. This is followed by a head to foot physical examination. If there are any concerns please inform us.

The Head to toe examination will start from the head, followed by the eyes, ears, mouth, chest, abdomen, limbs, hips and back. If there are any concerns we will inform the parents and take necessary action. During the baby’s subsequent visit your baby’s development will be looked into. We will look at your baby’s head control, attempts to roll over, sitting, standing, use of individual fingers to pick up small objects. This session will also concentrate on feeding issues including weaning, how to balance breast feeding with work schedule. Undoubtedly, you'll have questions, too.

Ask away! Nothing is too trivial when it comes to caring for your baby. Make sure you know when to schedule your baby's next appointment and how to reach the doctor in the meantime. We have 24 hour emergency contact number. Knowing help is available when you need it can offer peace of mind.